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Hosting & Domain Registration

It is a type of internet service that will let individual or any enterprise to make their website available on www.

Domain Registration

Domain registration is a method by which a domain name is registered by IP address with some name that will be remembered easily.

Website is the way to showcase the services to the clients that we are offering. If no website then no business improvement, if you want us to do a complete plan, design, develop your website then we will take care of your website registration and hosting with no obligation.


Protocols to know

  • Website cannot be owned until we buy a domain and register it.
  • Domain names are considered as a place of ID over internet.
  • Domain Name System will consist all registered domains.
  • I Space digital Marketing will help you to get required extensions like .com, .org, .co, .in, .edu etc.,
  • Name of domain will be completely your decision and our experts will guide you on this decision.
  • Once the domain is finalized then it will be taken for the registration.
  • Web hosting is done by our experts with no obligation